Welcome to the new and improved BBMP website. This is my space on the internet where I can showcase my projects and thoughts.

Oct 5, 2011

Well after many years I have finally updated my website. Up until now I have been using this domain and webspace simply for email. Now things are going to change. I have aquired myself some great new web development software, I am learning about the new html elements that have come out since I last did webdesign. I was shocked that I couldn't use font tags anymore! CSS here I go!

The reason why I wanted to re-awaken this site was to organise and showcase my hobby and passion for building and designing. I have focused mainly on radio controlled models, but I can see myself taking on "larger" projects. I have built a shop in my garage where I can work on bigger projects, like a full size hovercraft.

Feb 6, 2012

Oh look, its been 4 months since I've done an update. Well time to put up some pictures. Today I have updated my Hovercraft page. And uploaded some new videos to youtube which is linked here. Enjoy.


Here is a preview of my completed projects. Build logs and videos to come later.

1/3rd scale scratch built hovercraft. Uses two gas powered engines to provide lift and thrust.